2017-09-20 16:44:00

If you are single for quite sometime, let’s say more than 2 years and wishing to get coupled up… It is most likely that you are miscalculating stuff. So let’s dig deep into that stuff; what it is and what can be done about it. Are you sure you haven’t been bitten by a serial dater bug? That disease is quite epidemic, you know? You start with all innocent emotions; want to get to know the real personality of someone and settle down. Then before you know you start to cross out people over silly things; the way he drives or the type of heels she is wearing. Are you looking for merits to cherish or flaws to get irritated? If you look close enough you will gather enough evidence for both cases. So it’s up to you where to look depending on where you want to go with that person. Are you trying too hard? Dating is different than your career, more effort does not necessarily mean a better outcome. Dating too much (particularly through apps.) can be as bad (or worse) than not dating enough. Focus less on the number and more on the quality. Going on dates just for the sake of it; one item done on your to do list approach will only exhaust you and kill the buzz. You need to feel that buzz if you wish to fall in love again, that’s a must. Are you emotionally ready to date? Or in other words; do you feel satisfied with your life so that you are open to listening and trying to understand someone else’s? Or do you repeat your sad old story to anyone you just met and try to figure out why all that happened to you? You cannot let someone in if all that bullshit of yours occupy all the space. Be aware of your state and make up your mind. If you really want to have a committed relationship, focus on what you want. Make meeting someone special your top priority – if you don’t know how to do that, hire a matchmaker. Hiring a personal matchmaker makes life a lot easier and helps you find love a lot faster ... Devamı

Metropoles – The Single Scene in Istanbul

2017-09-20 16:43:00

They say metropoles are same but different, so let’s focus on the different parts of Istanbul single scene. Where to meet? It will be nice to have a view of the Bosphorus and delicious bites as well but nothing too heavy to keep you glued to your chair and eat the night away. Preferably a fancy restaurant with a bar scene will keep it dynamic, allowing you to get a feel for each other while trying signature cocktails. Fenix, Scarlet Steakhouse are just a few options at Etiler. If not you may go with a cosy meyhane within the walking distance of bars, keeping it casual. Cihangir or Karaköy will do the trick. Istanbulites have their own antiques when it comes to judging a crowd and it gives you a great sense of understanding about his/her stance in life. Some find it pretentious to dine at Ulus Sunset while others find it snobbish to join an artsy fartsy conversation at Soho House. Some like the friendly atmosphere of Moda, Kadıköy. Some won’t step a foot outside a rather safe environment of a luxurious mall and even so you might judge them by the choose of that mall; Kanyon for white collar professionals and Zorlu for socialites. Well, you will get used to it, how people resolve like oil and water by the choice of venues; how you start to see familiar faces by the choice of your own taste and never come across others. When to meet? Don’t be surprised if she chooses to meet up at 9 for dinner, that’s because she doesn’t want to get stuck in traffic. Subway is not an option for her if she chooses to wear a dress and heels which only makes sense given the vile sidewalks make 5-minute-walking-distance into living hell. Heels don’t grow on trees. Girls, don’t be loud. We mean it. You might think speaking in English might give you the freedom to cry out loud but it doesn’t. It actually gives a headache with a touch of embarrassment. What to expect? Guys, expect to pay for it if its y... Devamı

Visiting Istanbul? Here’s 10 Amazing Date Ideas

2017-09-20 16:17:00

Stop netflix and chill for a second, go out, go get loved up while creating your own fun memories. When in doubt reach out to Sibel, founder of MyMacchiato, your one stop shop for anything dating. A walk on the seaside, preferably between Arnavutköy and Hisar, which is about 2,5 miles long. You may grab a coffee or ice-cream on the way to keep you busy. Bebek is the best spot to do that with lots of options; Mini Dondurma, Abbas, Cup of Joy, Starbucks… Afterwards Bebek Park is a nice and free spot to just hang, enjoy the view, watch kids playing, dogs strolling. Fancy some history? Let’s visit Eminönü, Sultan Ahmet, Topkapı Palace, Gülhane. Gülhane is indeed the master garden of Topkapi Palace so it has the best view of the Bosphorus. Make sure you end the tour with a visit to Gülhane Park, have a cup of tea in the teahouse. How about a relaxing bed&breakfast? Şile is most popular with its boutique hotels and shore; you may simply swim&tan or try water sports, hiking, trekking, paintball or atv in the woods, depending on your adrenaline rush. Looking for something different? How about MiniaTürk? It has the miniature versions of themonumental buildings in Turkey such as Anıtkabir, Bosphorus Bridge, Houses of Safranbolu. You sure will feel like a giant crossing the bridge within seconds with your huge steps. Want to enjoy some roof top view? Try Maçka Swissotel. It has a great view and even better cocktails. DJ plays chillout, getting you warmed up after work, continues till 2am. Keep in mind the kitchen closes at 11pm, last order at 10:45pm. History and romance combined: The Maiden’s Tower known as Kız Kulesi. It’s in the middle of Bosphorus but don’t you worry if you don’t have your own yacht just yet. Boats are available every 30min. from Üsküdar and Kabataş and it takes around 10min. to get there. Burgaz... Devamı

How To Meet Locals

2017-09-20 16:38:00

Being an expat is an adventurous journey especially in a city like Istanbul. This city is huge and full of surprises from the minute you set foot on street. At times you end up being the center of attention when all you want to do is to blend in with the crowd. And other times feel totally invisible and irrelevant no matter how hard you try to connect.  It’s not hard to meet locals, people are usually very keen to say “hi” and hear out your story. What’s hard is to connect with people on a real level, maintaining a deeper conversation that might actually go somewhere. So let’s talk about some practical advice on how to make this happen: It’s rather hard to blend in if you are not familiar with the language. Try to learn the basics. Simple expressions like “Günaydın” or “Merhaba” will give you lots of credit. Language schools are great for practicing but hiring a private tutor is better. At school you will be socializing with expat crowd. If you hire a Turkish tutor for yourself only, you will make friends with him at some point and he will be your local guide. You don’t necessarily need an actual teacher for basic Turkish; you might simply put an ad online and seek volunteers for the job. Cihangir, Moda, Kadıköy, Nişantaşı, Galata, Bebek are more lively neighborhoods than most. Do not stuck yourself at some concrete jungle in Maslak or Ataşehir where fun goes to die. It helps a lot to have restaurants, cafes and bars within walking distance. Discover your own spot and become a regular, stay connected with the rest of the dwellers. Pilates, yoga, crossfit and fitness studios are all around town. Consider joining a local gym and preferably hiring a personal trainer. He will keep in touch with you through whatsapp, keeping track of your progress. After a few lessons, you will get to know each other and he will be your key to meet with other members, guidi... Devamı

Böyle Olmayın: Sinir Bozucu 4 Karakter

2017-09-18 11:46:00

Olanlardan da uzak durun. Uzak duramıyor musunuz? O halde biraz farkındalıkla kendimizi korumaya alalım.    Verimsiz. Bir konudan bahsedersin, yüksek perdeden şaşırır. “Aaa benim hiç haberim yok, bana da göndersene o mail’i, ilgili kişilerle paylaşayım” der, anında gönderirsin. Aradan 1 hafta geçer, aynı muhabbet aynı şaşkınlık ifadesi ile tekrarlanır. “Evet böyle birşey var. Evet sana mail atmıştım. Tamam tekrar gönderiyorum.” Sonunda o mail’i alıp, okuyup gereğini yapar mı peki? Belki başka bir zamanda, paralel bir evrende. Mesajını kaybeder, whatsapp’ı bozulur, telefonunun şarjı biter, okuduğunu unutur, söz verdiğini 50 kere hatırlatmadan beceremez. Dağınıklığı ile yorar. Hemen her konuya atlayıp kendi isteği ile gönüllü olduğu halde en iyi yaptığı şey teşekkürleri önden toplayıp devamında beyni bedavaya almaktır. Ertesi gün için konuşmanıza rağmen “Sen bana tekrar hatırlat” demekten geri kalmaz. Siz de onu ciddiye almayın, ondan gelen tekliflere “he” deyin ve geçin.   Entrikacı. Basit bir espri yaparsın, ortalığı inleten bir kahkaha patlatır. Düz mantık düşününce tavırlarına anlam veremezsin. Arka planda daima senaryosunu kendisinin yazdığı ve tabi ki başrolde olduğu filmi çekmekle meşguldür. Vah zavallı figüranın halinde. Herhangi bir diyalogda aklından bin tilki geçer, devamlı ortamı tartar, etrafa karşı kendisini pozisyonlamanın derdindedir. Senden açık açık birşey istemek ve devamında teşekkür etmek onun tarzı değildir. İstemem yan cebime koy tutumunu tercih eder, istediği olduğunda ise dudak büker ve iyiliği yapan sen değil de oymuş gibi teşekkür bekler. Ona istediğini vermeyin, açıkça söylemediği hiçbir konuda imalarını rica olarak kabul edip işini halletmeyin.  &nb... Devamı